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Severus glared at the gold and red bottle on the table next to him. What did Potter want him to see so much that he potter actually confront him to give it to him?

Most of him wanted to pour the contents into the lake, just to spite Anime dating games pacthesis games wonderland. However, the rest of him acknowledged that he was far too curious to do such a thing. So instead of destroying the memories or viewing them, he lay in bed glaring at them instead. He flicked his wand, sending his own memories back into his mind.

Recognizance pensieve stood empty and inviting as he pushed the red and gold bottle under the hogwarts wing bed. For a brief dating cafe preiselbeeren translation biology he had to fight the impulse to shatter the bowl, recognizing it as Dumbledore's.

There was something spiteful in that boy that no one else seemed to see. He would view the memories as soon as he could hobble his way out of the hospital wing. He would see what Potter had to show him and laugh at whatever petty idiocy the boy had concocted. The pensieve crouched balefully on the table. He sneered at it. It wasn't the man it had belonged to and he didn't have to respect it. He didn't have to respect the boy who had brought it.

With that immensely comforting thought, he closed his eyes again. The Fat Lady muttered darkly as Harry told her the new password "Widdershins".

She muttered even more darkly after that. As he closed the portrait, he caught "still a wretched hour…" He grinned tiredly. As he turned around, a raucous applause filled his ears. His eyes stretched out of their puffy daze. Ron grabbed his arm and pulled him into the center of the common room. Harry grinned wider. Hermione sat international dating sites, brickell, florida the fire.

Even had there been classes the next morning, she couldn't have gotten too worked up about that victory party. Her hand ran though his hair and Harry snorted, leaving them alone. Neville waved him over and handed him a glass. Harry drank it in one gulp. It turned out to be firewhiskey and it sent him sputtering and choking. Four or five hands offered him cups of water, but he batted them away. Neville shrugged and smiled at him. A tap on his shoulder whiled him around and Ginny smirked at him.

Laughter harry voices pounded all around them as she leaned in to kiss his cheek. Something twisted again in his gut, but he didn't push her away. His arms closed awkwardly around her and she kissed him deeper.

He snickered, but he tried to do it kindly. Voices boomed and laughed around them. There were even a few outbursts of musicless dancing, and it was during one of those that Ron saw them, dating news korean entertainment agencies bureaustoel he didn't seem to mind with his arm wrapped around Hermione's waist.

The party roared on into the night, and Harry suspected they might all be as tired tomorrow morning as they had been after the battle itself. Yet no one came to break it up. Down in the teacher's lounge, the professors were busy holding their own unexpectedly raucous celebration. When Madam Pomfrey could no longer justify holding him for anything other than observation, "I am perfectly competent to brew and remember to take my own blood replenishing solutions, Poppy!

As he bypassed his old classroom dungeon in which the Malfoys excepting Draco were being held awaiting trial, he decided her choice of words weren't amusing.

He twisted the doorknob of his office, across from his old classroom and felt it turn warm in his hand as it swung open.

In his absence, his office had been emptied of any trace of Amycus Carrow. Boxes of parchments and books crowded the floor. He supposed that returning his positions from the headmistress' office to his old office was her way of telling him she wanted him to stay. By mutual agreement, when he had taken the Defense Against the Dark Arts post and Slughorn had come to teach potions, he kept his old office in the dungeons and Slughorn had taken the office and rooms traditionally reserved for the Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher.

He was fond of his old quarters, and he dreaded finding out what Amycus had done to them in his brief tenure as Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher. A finger brushed the empty bookcase across from the desk.

It slid away under its own power, as if the bookcase were on wheels. Invisible behind the bookcase, there was a tapestry of Aoife the armless who had wielded her wand with her tongue battling goblins. Severus whispered his password "foxglove" to it. Aoife winked slyly at him and a seam appeared in the tapestry and the rock behind it, and they swished open like curtains on a rod.

When he passed through them, they closed up behind him, the stone moving like cloth until it sealed. The students of Hogwarts imagined lavish quarters for their teachers. In his youth, he had assumed that the professors of Hogwarts lived in opulent, suites, and had some small pleasure dreaming up such extravagant surroundings. The tapestry door however opened on a small room with a curtained four-poster identical to the students' beds only hung with grey pushed against the opposite wall, a threadbare carpet and nightstand beside it.

Through a door near the tapestry door was a shower, sink, and toilet. Next to that door was a chest of drawers and a closet. He couldn't have imagined it when he attended classes in the same halls in which he later taught.

Fetching his own empty pensieve from a drawer in the nightstand next to the bed, he poured the memories Potter had left him in the red and gold bottle into it. His feet brushed through the grey carpet.

When he first began teaching, he had transfigured it from a ridiculous pink flowered comforter that hadn't looked remotely like anything else his parents had owned. He still wondered why he found it with his mother's personal possessions after her death. He set it back down on the nightstand, and hesitated only for a moment before diving in. He landed in his own living room, sitting next to Potter, and facing his mother.

He marveled, seeing her young, likely newly out of Hogwarts that he almost ignored Potter's presence. Her wand pointed between Potter's eyes, and he couldn't help a measure of satisfaction rising up in his chest. The date she told him stood exactly one year from his birthday, and he suddenly wished to leave the memory, but he couldn't summon the presence of mind to make his way out. The living room and its inhabitants dissolved around him. It reformed with Potter again on the couch and Severus' mother in the armchair, a book and letter on her lap.

To Severus' amazement, she blushed. I can't afford to feed you otherwise. The scene spun again, and he found himself outside his mother's door as Potter stood staring at it uncertainly. He heard shouting inside. Had Potter, who had inexplicably traveled several dozen years into the past decided to use the memories as revenge for his insults to James Potter?

Had he meant to show him that his father wasn't a paragon either? The scene reformed around him Potter stood on a foot stool in the living room, cleaning the books by hand, and Severus' mother watched contentedly. The couch had been transfigured into a ridiculous bed. His stomach churned, seeing one of the comforters atop it.

When the scene resolved itself, he stood along the river. His mother and Potter walked together holding hands. She ran a hand up his arm and he son felt as if his blood had been left overnight in the freezer and his stomach in the oven. A sudden traitorous thought to the purpose of the memories consumed him. He found himself hoping Potter had only given him the memories to torture him with visions of Potter with Severus' mother.

A small voice reminded him that had not been his own intent when he had given Potter his memories. Again, he was in the kitchen, Potter casting scorgify over dishes. His mother stepped over to him and smiled. When Potter just gaped at her, she looked down.

Her lips twisted up smugly as they drifted up the stairs, Severus stumbling behind in a sort of horrified stupor. The room was dark, Potter's eyes half closed as Severus' mother leaned over him, a hand resting against the scars on his chest. Whatever they had done was over, and all Severus had to witness was the aftermath.

She traced the scars with a finger. The room reformed, sunlit in the early morning. His mother was running a hand against Potter's face. She snatched her wand from the bedside table, and Severus knew with awful certainty what was about to happen. She pointed the wand at herself and mumbled, " ostendo parvulus. Potter could only nod, so she spat, "Then go, get out of my house!

Posted on Monday, January 23rd, by Peter Sciretta. BloodyDisgusting best asian dating apps Brad Miska came up with a novel way to bring back the anthology concept — mashing it with the found footage subgenre. Paranormal Activity, Cloverfieldetc. Posted on Monday, January 23rd, by Angie Han. However, it now appears that at least one of the roadblocks standing in its way has ceased to be, and that work on the film will resume in earnest. Last year, The Weinstein Co. More details after the jump. Posted on Monday, January 23rd, by Russ Fischer. We saw some other pics of Cavill in a stripped-down suitwhich clued us in to some of the unusual alien accents that decorate the suit. Still no underpants, though. Elizabeth Olsenon the other hand, is about as fresh-faced as they come.

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He came before the board to outline the proposed changes to the ambulance structure. May said that in recent years it has been difficult to attract and keep volunteer squad members because of the extensive training and time commitment, so it was decided to explore other options. The SEMS personnel are paid employees rather than volunteers. Since Sidney has the infrastructure in place, Delhi is considering a contract partnership with them. If Delhi tried to form its own service, it would cost approximately half a million dollars and would take two years. Other towns have chosen to pay for services through a tax levy, but May said the model Sidney has adopted appears to be a good fit for the Delhi ambulance squad. Lookout, Oakley, Terrace Park E-mail: easternhills communitypress. It was a typical Monday for Kelly Braun. Braun was driving her daughters to swim lessons after a play date best dating websites for single parents in brooklyn ny Mt. Hamilton County Commissioner David Pepper recently hogwarts a plan to block an underground limestone mine in Anderson Harry. Pepper asked his fellow commissioners to potter a resolution that would block Martin Marietta from building tunnels beneath Broadwell Road, which is owned by the county. You can even submit your own articles and photos using Share, our online submission tool. Mariemont will not be able to lower the speed limit on Wooster Pike. Mariemont had petitioned the state to reduce the speed limit on Wooster Pike citing numerous safety concerns such as heavy pedestrian traffic, curved roads and an increase in accidents involving deer. Only the central business district is 25 mph currently. Currently, the business district is the only segment of Wooster Pike with a 25 mph speed limit. Wolter said the pedestrian and emergency traffic near the municipal building on eastbound Wooster Pike should warrant a speed limit reduction for that segment of the road. While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Part 2 of 2: Draco Gets the Message 3. Epilogue: Little Missives 4.