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Hi guys! Happy belated Halloween! I wouldn't miss making a game for Halloween for anything -- so here you guys go. This is a special game that I've wanted to make happen for a long time. Have fun and let me know what you guys dating coach estefano isaias jrr shop Startup by Yandere Simulator!

It's also partially inspired founder the Weeping Angels from Doctor Who! Soon, you meet the girl of your dreams or you're the guy of her dreamsPink-chan, dating sites meaning in urdu what happens next is up to you to figure out.

It's heavily inspired by Undertale, dating is almost a parody of it there are lots of references if you can find them! It features a long original story, and should be a lot of fun! I've incorporated a lot of new attacks and story elements! The game is split into 4 episodes, and episodes are auto-saved when you beat them. Right now, only 2 episodes are released, but I will release new episodes throughout the next months! Collect mysterious clues, defend yourself against relentless bullet hell attacks from creepy skeletons and reapers, experience a heart-wrenching RPG story, and survive long enough to uncover the secrets behind your own past.

Add a Comment:. Load All Images. Happy Halloween! Get the screwdriver and bust open the box, Then rip the doll apart with the pliers, and show her the ring. Continue from there. Well done game. I LOST! Kiernanthefox11 Featured By Owner Jan 22, Happy Halloween. Nice audio though. Idk just my opinion.

Balddog4 Featured By Owner Jan 14, This game scares the crap out of me. I hope I don't get nightmares tonight. Heheh, i have that effect on woman Not because i'm attractive but because i induce insanity Its not my looks that get them. Prev 1 2 3 Next. More from Chibixi. View Gallery. Featured in Collections Devious Collection by Sharkteeth.

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Dating in america vs other countries Greatest male Yandere Dating Sim ever. It probably comes as no surprise to anyone that I'm a sucker for dating sims because they're easier than a real relationshipbut I don't play just any kind. I'm an extremely dating cafe gutscheincode eventim slovenian dictionary person when it comes to these kinds of games. In fact, I have a defined list of standards that a game needs to meet for me to want to buy it. They are as follows: 1. There needs to be at least one Yandere romance option. For those who aren't familiar with the term, it basically refers to a person who has an unhealthy romantic obsession with another, and by "unhealthy", I mean that this person will do anything for their unwilling romantic interest, insofar as killing anyone who gets in their way. They are incredibly violent and unstable both emotionally and mentally, naturally. I really like these types as they provide me with a sort of morbid amusement that I can't really put my finger on. I think their presence in a game makes it all the more suspenseful; perhaps that's why. I like to be disturbed. I can not stress this enough. Magic girl games generally have god-awful plots. And finally, interesting characters. It's sad to say that many dating sims for girls have really flat, one-dimensional characters.


Discover this horror game where you must try to fool the killer that entered the building. You have exactly 5 nights to find a way out, so use your time wisely! Watch your surroundings carefully dating balinese ballroom wedding ideas solve all sorts of puzzles -- enjoy the 3D graphics and intense playability! Purchase a powerful vehicle and get ready to cross a postapocalyptic city where waves of burning cars, rolling barrels and dangerous zombies are constantly on the move. Try to get as far as you can and get a high score! Do you like action games? Well, one of the most powerful gangs in the city is coming for you Explore games tagged yandere on itch. Log in Register. Indie game store Free games Fun games Horror games. Filter Results Clear. Input methods. Average session length. Accessibility features.