America's Copper Coinage 1794-1891

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Top Varieties Pricing Guide. Selecting the Top European dating sites for american women Seated Dime good online dating websites was no easy task.

Before starting the selection process, I thought it best to first define the desired numismatic goals and outcomes for this Seated dime web-book section. By understanding the basis for picking the Top Varieties, hopefully speed dating in fort worth tx map users and variety collectors would tackling this advanced collecting challenge.

Following are the numismatic outcomes that I hoped to accomplish with the Top Varieties set objective. I believe that collectors will become more dedicated to a long term relationship with a once dating app chat series if time is taken to acquire in depth knowledge about that series.

Important die variety types include repunched dates and mintmarks, misplaced date punches, excessive die wear and shattering of dies, die doubling during the die hubbing process and other important reasons that renders a variety as a highly collectable item.

The set may be achievable in circulated or Mint State grades but at the same time, it must be a challenging long term project that brings about enthusiasm and sense of accomplishment when the set is fully assembled.

I believe that the completion of the Top Liberty Seated Dime varieties set should be a major numismatic event and should be announced within Liberty Seated Collectors Club via the E-Gobrecht. Selecting the Top Varieties. The selection criteria for the Top Varieties were first developed as a guiding process. The criteria focused on the following die variety attributes;. Some of the varieties should be immediately available through dealer price lists or eBay without much searching.

Other varieties should be moderately to extremely challenging to locate. Obtaining these moderate to challenging varieties would require special attention to major auctions or building personal relationships with dealers or fellow Liberty Seated Collector Club members. Top Varieties Rarity Distribution. I assessed the frequency of estimated rarities, from the web-book, and determined the number of listings at each rarity level.

The following table illustrates the rarity level distribution for the Top Varieties set. All rarity ratings are for VF or better specimens. Open Registry at SeatedDimeVarieties. Collectors are invited to post their Top Varieties set in the Open Registry.

Presently, there are nearly a dozen individuals building Top sets per the Open Registry list. The Open Registry is a multi function online system that provides set tracking, badoo dating kostenlose filme download and publicity.

Raw and slabbed coins can be entered into the Open Registry so a set targeted in Fine grade is as important as an EF or better set with all submitted sets receiving the same display attention. Please consider joining the Open Registry as part of your Seated coinage collecting experience.

Click on the underlined dates or images to access detailed web-book descriptions for each Top variety. Small Stars obverse paired with a single doubled die reverse. The date has repunched 18 digits while the reverse die is also strongly clashed. Large Thick O Mintmark, mintmark tilts right and has thick oval appearance due to die polished and die degradation. Similar change in mintmark appearance is also known for the O date and potentially the O date. Date Punch Overlaps Base, the date punch is high and overlaps into the base on one of the three obverse dies.

Initial 8 and 9 top loops are visible within final 8 and 9 digit loops. Repunched Digits, date repunching is most evident on 18 digits, always with a Small O reverse die. Repunched 56 Digits Up, date repunching is very visible at the base of the 56 digits. Repunched 56 Digits Down, date repunching is very visible between the base and tops of 56 digits.

Doubled Date and Stars, the cause is suggested to be strike doubling by Gerry Fortin due to doubling on the date digits. Since the date digits are punched into die after hubbing, then the doubling on date and stars can only be achieved through strike doubling. Rusted Type I Obverse Die. Repunched 18 Digits, repunching is located at the base of the 18 digits.

Misplaced 1 Digits In Base, two 1 digits misplaced directly above the 18 digits in the date, obverse die is rusted, proof dies only. Short Flag 1 Date Punch, the required vareity is one of five obverse dies known with a short flag 1 date punch. This obverse die being the most difficult to locate. Repunched Digits, the repunching is most obvious within the lower loop of the 0 date digit. Repunched 18 Digits, proof dies only, repunching is seen above the 18 date digits.

Flipped Doubled Die Reverse, reverse die hubbed twice with second hubbing rotated about degrees from initial hubbing. Repunched Date, repunching being most obvious within the 18 and 2 digits. Proof Misplaced Digit, bottom section of 2 digit is misplaced in the base above the 7 digit in the date, the obverse die was also used for business strikes.

Repunched Date, on Closed 3 obverse die. There is bold repunching of the date digits as seen at bottom left of each digit. Doubled Shield, dramatic obverse die doubling within upper shield and to the right of upper shield. Repunched 74 Digits, repunching is most obvious on the base of the 74 date digits. Polished Arrows, arrows are missing or very faint due to attempted removal by polishing, date is also repunched. Misplaced 1 In Denticles, the top of a 1 digit is visible in the denticles directly below 8 digit in the date.

Shattered Reverse Die, a large retained cud appears below the left and right ribbon ends. Unfilled Micro S Mintmark, Micro S below ribbon is not filled with well defined upper and lower serifs. Boldly Repunched Date, Type I reverse, repunching is very obvious on 1 and 6 digits in the date. Misplaced 1 Digit in Base, a misplaced 1 digit is found above the 8 digit in the date. Repunched 18 Digits, repunching is best seen above the feet of the 1 digit.

Top loop of 6 digit is visible on the flag of last 7 digit in date, repunching is most visible above the feet of the 1 digit in date, Type II reverse. Severely Polished Reverse, major loss of details in left wreath due to die polishing, reverse die also cracked throughout wreath. Repunched 18 Digits, both 18 digits are repunched at top of digits. Repunched 86 Digits, bold repunching is visible under the 6 digit. Excessively Polished Reverse Proof Die, reverse die has missing left ribbon end, used for business strikes with two obverse dies.

Triple Misplaced Digits in Gown, this variety presents one of the few triple digit misplaced dates in the Liberty Seated dime series. Repunched Date and Misplaced Digit, the date repunching is visible to the left of each digit or within the left side of an inner loop, the misplaced digit if found immediately right of the scroll end. Doubled Die Reverse 1 is only paired with one obverse die. Looks for doubling in the veins of the maple leaves in lower left wreath.

F or F Doubled Die Reverse 3 is paired with two obverse dies. Early die state pairing is with Obverse 22 and late die state pairing is with Obverse 6. The pairing with Obverse 6 is typically found weakly struck with poor head details.

Misplaced Digit, extra top of 8 or 9 digit is seen immediately to the right of the scroll end. Four Misplaced Digits in Gown, the left and right outer digits appear to be the top loops of an 8 and 0 digits and are positioned directly above the final date punch, the two inner misplaced digits appear to be the top loops of 9 and 0 digits.

Misplaced Digit, top loop of an extra 8 or 9 punch is located in the gown directly to the right of the scroll end. Misplaced Digit in Denticles, top loop of an 8 or 9 digit is visible in the denticles at a point below the 8 and 9 digits. Repunched 89 Digits, Clashed Dies, repunching in the lower loops of the 8 and 9 digits remains clear in the later die state.

The mintmark has internal anomaly that could be residual repunching. Shattered Reverse, numerous heavy die cracks throughout the wreath, mintmark and to the rims. Medium O over Horizontal O Mintmark. Medium S over Small S, the small S mintmark is easily seen within the loops of the medium S mintmark.

NGC's pioneering approach to the creation of custom Signature sets is enabling collectors of all means to exhibit their sets on the web. By using the Signature set creation routines, I was able to construct a template for other collectors to use as a display or inventory system. If you are a collector of raw coins, then you might consider using the PDF inventory tracking sheets that I've created.

See them below. Top tracking sheets for general usage can be downloaded here. These sheets can be printed with Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you would like the Microsoft Excel worksheet versions, just send me an email at wuximems hotmail. The survey was the first opportunity to test rarity assumptions across the broad spectrum of Top varieties published in late A report of survey results was published in the November issue of the Gobrecht Journal.

Included in the Top survey article were tabular results of the survey outcome. You can find those results in the following table. The Rarity Weight column is an attempt to define the relative rarity of each variety against the overall Top listings.

Rarity Weights range from 1 most common to 10 excessively rare. These Rarity Weights will be use for additional analysis in the future. Click on the underlined dates to see images and full page descriptions of each Top variety. Rare Die Pairing. Repunched Mintmark Die Crack. Shattered Reverse Die.

Late die state Cobweb Shattered Reverse.

America's silver coinage, 1794-1891 Coinage of the Americas Conference, 1986

That is a nice beginning, but it is just the beginning. There are many east bay women seeking men seated scattered throughout this series. Additionally, dealers and collectors dating even more for better condition coins. Documents Uncirculated Liberty Seated dime pictured back an dime of a 1858 desirable coin. Half a common date, it is varieties a high state of preservation and demands a high value. Rare dates, and high condition both contribute to greater value. See how you can determine the condition of your coins by comparing them to the grading images below. But first the coin value chart. The following chart shows the wide range of dime values. From one date or mintmark to the next and especially from one grade to the next. Examine your coins closely. The above are wholesale coin values. Computed from dealer's price lists with various mark-up factors figured in. They reflect closely the value you would expect to receive when selling. Variations in value do occur subject to subtle grading points, collector demands and dealer needs.

Coinage of the Americas Conference

Best the history of over billion attractive pages on dating Internet. Books by Language. Every week, collectors just dating agency cyrano korean drama wikipedia indonesia sites are getting great deals on rare coins in these online auctions, which always include some Seated online. Are you one of them? All auctions close and a new one begins at 10PM Central Time, and as they overlap, there is an auction open to you every time you visit. Go to HA. You don't want to miss out on the best numismatic deals on the web. And for doing your research, don't miss our Permanent Auction Archives, containing complete information on over one million lots. To consign material to one of our upcoming auctions, please contact our Consignor Hotlines at ext. To receive a complimentary book or catalog of your choice, register on-line cU HA. Every worthwhile project begins with someone's good idea. Harry W. Bass, Jr. One year later, the first Coinage of the Americas Conference became a reality. The purpose of these conferences is to facilitate the exchange of information. Toward this end, experts in the field are invited to present papers, collectors are invited to exhibit, and notice of the conference is circulated widely to encourage attendance by all interested in the topic.