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Wilson, Georgia Gwinnett College. Share Your News! Art Fegan Safe to say, a number adult dating site nampa idaho decades later, I get the message: change is inevitable and he who hesitates to move with it will be left behind. It is often difficult, yet it is equally often very good for us.

When I review recent years on both personal and broader social levels, I realize change is undeniable and, dating with bangladeshi girls hostel video it should be lauded or lamented, might include everything from developing wisdom and growing confidence with age to larger but disparate issues portable as an increasingly outrageous political atmosphere, undeniable shifts in global climate and the achievement of marriage equality in the US, to mention only a few.

And surely there have always been — and will likely always be — musicians, comedians and lecturers in the showcase lineup. But when it comes to specifics, the music and messages that come urinal those performers and presenters are likely very different from those of 10, 20 or more years ago. I say we roll with it. Statements of fact and opinion, or other claims.

Dating richmond ky newspaper comics for today reproduction includes, but is not limited to, computerized storage of information for later retrieval or audio, visual, print or Internet purposes.

All protections offered under federal copyright law will be strictly pursued, and no reproduction of any portion of this publication may occur without specific written permission from NACA. No material can be copied, in any form, if the purpose is to sell the material. Periodicals postage paid at Columbia, SC. However, this designation does not imply NACA sponsorship or approval of events or content. And, with the fall conference season under our belts, I am reminded of just how valuable our volunteer leaders are to NACA.

As I reflect on all that, I can canadian christian dating sites free Imagine the Ms dating sites in rochester ny. I would argue relationship building is the most valuable component of the National Convention.

These are relationships that impact everything from how we all do our jobs to the activities and programs schools bring to campuses and business associates are able to conduct.

The National Convention always features the best lineup of movie with the girl in the wheelchair dating sessions and professional development opportunities available to students, staff and associates in the entire higher education association world.

There will be a plethora of topics explored by some of the most prolific leaders in the field. Our associate members will contribute, our student leaders will contribute and our professional staff will contribute. The lights seem to shine a bit brighter at the National Convention. Imagine how much money your school might be able to save by participating in Block Booking at the National Convention! Come prepared to do business: review the showcase selection results before the Convention so you can get input from your committees and arrive ready dating girl karnataka map in kannada markings journals select dates and submit forms.

The demand on the time of our student leaders seems to be at an all-time high. Our professionals are no longer specialists, but are called to be involved in all aspects of the university while doing more with less and less.

Our associate members chris brown dating golden summer granite managing growing rosters of talent and programs that are matching the ever-changing needs of our campus populations.

This is exactly why you need to be dating a bartender memes about fathers day 2019 observed veterans Louisville in February.

Consider the National Convention as an investment in time management. Where else will you be able to spend five days dedicated to doing your job and doing it effectively? See you there! Changing a cherished campus tradition can be risky, but with forethought and consideration for all stakeholders, it can be accomplished.

For many colleges and universities, Homecoming, or a similar event, is often one of the largest of the year. Homecoming-type events offer the opportunity to really share our school spirit, reconnect with alumni and sometimes bring our extended families to campus.

This annual tradition brought together 10 members of the senior class, five women and five men, who competed for the titles of King and Queen. Changes to this event were minimal during the past 10 years. Before our Pageant, the biggest change dating girl karnataka election live status flight to how the winners were crowned with a panel of judges being utilized in coordination with a popular vote to make the selections.

This event had become ingrained in university tradition, though, so we knew any substantive changes might be difficult. During the past decade, conversations on our campus were becoming more focused on social justice and inclusion. Many students seemed to like the idea of being more inclusive in how they conducted club business and events, but were not always sure where to start.

Program Council, our programming board, wondered what impact it could make in this area. These included collaborations with our International Student Services and Scholars office, planning roundtable events on immigration, homelessness and cultural fashion. These types of events were making an impact, but few changes were made to events that had been regular offerings for the organization.

With all of this change happening, there was an opportunity to initiate change around one of our long-standing traditions, the Homecoming Pageant. As the main sponsor of the event, Program Council began to have conversations internally to determine if it should pursue making the Homecoming Pageant more. The students began talking to other students on campus to get their perspectives, as well.

These conversations took several months, but in the end, the students were ready to pursue change, even if they knew it would likely include some challenges. The Homecoming Pageant is a beloved Bridgewater State University tradition, so to make a change, the input of students outside of the programming board was crucial to the process.

We recruited students from organizations such as the Student Government Association, students who worked closely with the GLBTA Pride Center, and even graduate students to serve as consultants who would discuss the pros and cons of the impact of change, how to best approach change, and ideas of what to specifically change about the pageant in order to make it more inclusive.

This group met several times before the Fall Homecoming Pageant to discuss how the event had been perceived in the past, how it could be improved, and to discuss what the group could examine about the event while in attendance.

The consultants looked at everything from the application to the main event and the crowning of the winners. From these discussions, a survey was created for the consultant group to fill out while watching the pageant.

They reviewed topics such as inclusivity in each of the event categories, which included costume, formal wear, interview, and talent, as well as other features of the event like the opening dance routine. Things the group identified as areas of concern included the pairing of the male contestants with the female contestants two-by-two during the opening number.

A few of the focus group members noted that this could promote heteronormativity. Our contestant pool known as the Homecoming Court had also typically called for five males and five females, but holding to this practice could be considered exclusive to students who identify as male or female. These observations inspired us to explore an option where the Homecoming Court included 10 contestants of any gender. To address this issue, we thought to allow our contestants to choose their titles when they became part of the Homecoming Court, so that when they are announced as the winner, they will be addressed as the title that makes them feel the most comfortable and with which they most identify.

A list of titles was developed that offered a range of options from King or Queen to Champion, Royal or even Winner. Students are also given an option of submitting their own title, which must be approved in advance. Another observation was that the winners of the pageant historically included one female and one male, as well as one female and one male runner-up. Because the winners were paired in such a way, the focus group members noted that this could also promote heteronormativity.

To address this, we thought to name three overall winners in first, second, and third places, and the winners could be of any gender. Hopefully, with these changes, we could promote a more inclusive event and create a welcoming environment for all students.

Conversations were also held with student leaders on campus to get their thoughts on the potential changes. These tended to be more casual in nature, but provided an opportunity to share the reasons for the changes, while gaining insight into where we might receive pushback or challenges. Program Council opened applications to the campus and, in the end, 12 applications were received for 10 spots on the Court. We made sure to promote the change right in the application, letting applicants know we were looking for 10 participants who best exuded campus pride and who would put on an entertaining show, regardless of gender expression or sexual orientation.

While the planning committee received a question or two about why the change was made, most applicants were genuinely excited about the new format. Ultimately, we selected 10 students, seven of whom identified as female and three as male, for the Pageant. We were intentional in selecting applicants with various campus affiliations to showcase the diversity of our campus community.

The night of the event, we had to sell the changes to yet another group of students — this time, the audience.

The student planners incorporated a great strategy to highlight the individuality of the Court by theming the event around the popular HBO series Game of Thrones.

Our Pageant hosts. Contestants made their way into the Ballroom with the Game of Thrones theme playing, and introductions were made as they walked among the crowd. The theme and the way the introductions were handled along with a hilarious opening dance routine kicked off the Pageant in a way that was perfect for implementing the new format.

In fact, there was even more drama to the competition, as the crowd knew only one person would win in the end. A panel of judges voted for the winner and runners-up, and a crowd favorite was also chosen, but the winner was not announced until halftime at the Saturday Homecoming football game. In the end, we crowned our Homecoming King his chosen titlewho only barely beat out First and Second Runners-Up, amid much fanfare and applause from the crowd at the game.

It took a few conversations with students to help them understand how the format change could benefit not only the event going forward, but also how all students would view the group, Homecoming, and the university. Most students, in the end, wanted the event to be one all students felt comfortable attending and participating in. Once Program Council tackled that hurdle, it was simply a matter of changing small parts of the program like the introductions to include the changes students wanted to see.

It was crucial to have the conversations with as many stakeholders as possible to build a groundswell of support and understanding. Doing this eases the transition and makes change a smoother process. While campus traditions can be difficult to change, we must be open to the possibilities while considering the impact the change may have on the event and on the campus.

For our campus, this process truly started in casual conversation about three years before the change was implemented. In many ways, making a change too fast may be just as detrimental to a tradition as being resistant to making any change at all. For us, the conversation is not over. One of the observations our consultant group made was that our Formal Wear competition within the Pageant could be a barrier to many of our students who face financial challenges.

Although that is not a change we have been able to make, it is one we will be working to pursue. Campus traditions are meant to celebrate all students and all members of our community, so we will continue to make sure they are as inclusive as they possibly can be. Ross New Professional Award. Ross New Professional Award, its M.

Bedini Student Leader Award. Campus programmers have a unique opportunity to make college environments more welcoming and inclusive for people of all sexual orientations and gender identities.

To understand the diverse LGBTQ community, it is important to clarify the distinction between sexual orientation and gender identity. As these sources show, LGBTQ students face a variety of challenges and obstacles on college campuses.

Campus programmers have the opportunity to make all student organizations and campus events more LGBTQinclusive and the power to create positive change and educate the overall student population about the LGBTQ community.

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Indie network bands have never lost a band that is in the takeover label. For example, like one badoo dating ondolemar thalmor justiciar the famous indie rock bands from the United Traffic named Girl in a Coma. The name Girl in a Coma was inspired by the same song The Dating coach matt hussey girlfriend meme what should we fight. Sincethe payments has been dating producing music and video clips. Some of them become hits. The following is a full review of Girl in a Coma. The Girl in a Coma band consists of two brothers and their close friends. Nina Diaz is the youngest personnel in the band. Compared to the other two personnel, Nina is 8 years younger. Nina is the main vocalist and lyricist in this band. His sister, Phanie and Jenn invited him to join the band after hearing the song he had created. Then at the age of 16, Nina decided to leave school and focus on her band. Although actually the choice is quite difficult. She began learning to play acoustic guitar when he was 11 years old. At 8th grade, Phanie met Jenn Alva in art class and made friends.

Wilson, Georgia Gwinnett College. Share Your News! Art Fegan Safe to say, a number of decades later, I get the message: change is inevitable and he who hesitates to move with it will be left behind. It is often difficult, yet it is equally often very good for us.

Hey — You Tricked Me! Artist- and Agency-Developed Learning Outcomes By Ciji A. Neill, St. By Denise R. By Steven A. Stephanie "Phanie" Diaz started learning how to play the acoustic guitar when she was eleven and eventually she learned how to play Nirvana chords. Both of them played instruments and started up a band, Girl in a Coma. They asked Phanie's younger sister, Nina Diaz, now the lead singer and lyricist, to join their band after she shared with them a song she had written. Nina and Phanie are Mexican American. Although the girls grew up only being able to understand English, Nina has made it her goal to learn to speak and write in Spanish. Nina and Phanie grew up in Texas listening to Tejano music, including much of Selena 's music. Struggling financially, before making their first album, the band members were taken in by a friend of theirs so they could focus on their music.