My girlfriend has slept with 20 guys and I am having a hard time dealing with that?

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Thread starter bjb Start date Feb 27, Forums Discussions Off-Topic Discussion. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable Examples in your browser before proceeding. Status Not open for further replies. Feb 14, 4, 0 0. Alright dating, here's the backstory: A close friend of mine texts me and asks gradesfirst out to lunch yesterday.

Says he has romantic date night in cleveland ohio important he wants to talk about. I said sure, and we proceed to meetup. Interracial dating books amazon some small catching up, the topic shifts to his new girlfriend who I've yet to meet.

He goes on for a good 10 minutes about how dating help nyc subway fares for kids she is, and in the two months they've been together he's never been happier.

So, I told him I was glad for him she sounded like a great girl. Hoping that given his dating history - he doesn't screw this one speed dating v kool tinted. At this point, he finally gets to the main reason of what has been on his mind.

The one issue that he says is holding wcu up in their relationship. This girl has had sex with 82 men. That being said, while I was a bit taken back violence first I guess it's kind of a high numberI told him he shouldn't worry about it.

Because ultimately, as long as she's clean, then I can't imagine how her past is relevant if she's treating him right. From the pictures I saw, she's very good looking, and I imagine probably just enjoys sex or is good in bed.

Nevertheless, he is still hung up on it, and said it makes him feel inadequate at times - or questions her judgement. So GAF, where would you stand on this? Would you be okay with it? Is there a particular number ex.

Am I wrong for telling him it's not very relevant? Curious what everyone thinks. In fact, one of which though apparently used rarely was seekingarrangement. The irony is that my friend is not rich by any means.

Bam Bam Baklava Member. Apr 27, 34, 1 0. Ask yourself this. If it was a guy would you feel differently? Man God Non-Canon Member. Nov 2, 70, 1 0. Slayven Member. Dec 10,2 0 USA. He should just leave her alone.

This shit will burn a whole in his head. Tanner Member. Jul 13, 0 0. Trouble Banned. Jul 22, 15, 2 0. Tell your friend to get over it. IceCold Member. Nov 19, 10, 0 That sounds like a lot to me. For a guy or a girl. Mondy Banned. Jul 31, 3, 0 0. EDIT: That was rather infantile. FairyD Member. Jul 24, 7, 0 0 Doesn't matter to me. That just means she knows what to do because I sure as hell don't. B-Dubs No Scrubs.

Mar 19, 60, 0 In a row or all at once? Dany Banned. Nov 28, 25, 0 0 Chicago dannym Or you know, whatever. If he can't deal with it it's probably for the best that he ends it early. It wouldn't be a big deal to me though that's certainly a lot more than I had been with back then, or now. Or probably will ever be. FallingEdge Member. Mar 24, 24, 1 0. Don't care. As long as she was safe and responsible, then no worries. Count Dookkake Member. Dec 30, 48, 2 0. Not enough.

Aeana Member. Jul 10, 42, 1 0. That is less than one person per month since she was That doesn't really seem all that crazy to me. User Banned. Mar 8, 10, 0 0. Mondy said:. I guess it's fine, so long as your friend is okay with the idea of the sex feeling like he's fucking thin air.

OrlanisWorks Member. Dec 9, 6, 0 0 Northern California. Style Fox said:. Apr 24, 2, 7 London, UK. Jan 19, 34, 0 0 Philadelphia www. Tell your friend to grow the fuck up. No nice way to say it. Asking someone about the number of partners they've had is an immature question to ask in the first place, actually getting hung up on the number is even worse, and near-completely irrelevant to a person's sexual health, sexual maturity, and ability to enter into a mature relationship. Devolution Member.

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Some forums can only be seen by registered members. Guys, would you pursue a long term relationship with goal of marriage if you found out the girl you were dating used to be a huge party animal and slept with a ton of guys from bars and such during her earlier days? She says that now she is ready to settle down and raise a family and wants no part in such things in her past. Not this again. And for the record, men and women do grow up, mature and become better versions of themselves than what they were in their late teens and early twenties. IMO, you should be more worried about someone who is still a party animal, someone who hasn't grown up yet at an age that they should have matured and have other priorities by now. This is probably the topic other than height that's been beaten to death the most.

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With difficult meeting just the right person. You can go out to bars, clubs, coffee shops, restaurants, and parks every week for your entire life and not free dating website in norway the right person. It's arduous being patient while alot loneliness continuously creeps up onto you. But when you find someone slept you think guys be the right fit, someone that you enjoy spending time with, and someone that makes the loneliness melt away, it's one of the most satisfying feelings in the world. And then, one day, after months of getting to know each other, meeting her friends and family, you find out that back home she was known as the town bicycle. How did you find out that your girlfriend has spent too many hours playing 7-minutes-in heaven? Hopefully she told you herself. But with social media sites like Datemyschool. So if you have a feeling that your girlfriend has a past that is darker than you can live with, it won't hurt to do a little digging. Then again, you could just trust her. Either way, finding out that your girlfriend has a past full of promiscuity and debauchery, to put it frankly, sucks. dating a girl who has slept with alot of guys Sign up or log in to share. This advice is just bad, do the math it's 2. There was a study done about infidelity, how much of it is genetic, influenced by partners count, etc. Guess what the past is the past, but it still matters and have influence for both present and future. The name is long you can buy it if you are interested, its "Genetic Influences on Female Infidelity and Number of Sexual Partners in Humans: A Linkage and Association Study of the Role of the Vasopressin Receptor Gene AVPR1A " Long story short, everyone has the past, but most of us are not forced to do those things and are well aware that it will influence our lives in the future, drunk guy who drives drunk and causes an accident, sure as hell wants to forget it and leave past as past, but as my parents always told me "think about consequences, before you do something". Most men dont like girls with high partner count, heck i dont think that many girls like men like that. In fact as a male i dont care if my friend slept with 10 or , or 10, girls, good for him, im not fazed by that, i dont like men, i dont care what they do, my attention is towards girls, because im attracted to them i think about them in sexual and intimate way.