Aperitif Wines Make a Comeback

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As the arm of the Norwegian government policy to limit why do old people hate dating sites citizens' consumption of alcohol, primarily by means of high cost and limited access, the primary goal of Vinmonopolet is to responsibly perform the distribution of alcoholic goods while limiting the motive of private economic profit from the alcohol industry.

Equally significant is the social responsibility of Vinmonopolet, to prevent the sale of alcohol to minors and visibly inebriated customers. Outlets, located across the country from cities to smaller communities, typically close business earlier than other shops, typically weekdays at 6 pm and Saturdays at 3 pm.

The institution was founded in as a government-owned company as the result of trade negotiations with wine exporters, mainly in France. The ban on alcohol was lifted, and sale was allowed through outlets run by Vinmonopolet.

Since the state, initially through the Norwegian Ministry of Finance and later the Norwegian Ministry of Health and Care Serviceshas been the sole owner, buying out the private shareholders while remaining a stock company.

The company's import and production activities ceased in when the EFTA ruled that the monopoly was in violation of the EEA agreement, the company divided into the created company entity Arcus which continued all production, import and distribution activity of spirits, leaving Vinmonopolet as a sole retail monopoly. In the format of the outlets was restructured, making nearly all stores self service from the previous format of sales over the counter, and internet sales began in Initially, two Vinmonopolet outlets were launched in as "special stores" category A, located in Oslo Briskeby, relocated to Vika in March and Bergen Valkendorfsgatenand a branch of smaller category B stores in were added during in Oslo west, Sandnes, Hamar, Sandefjord and Trondheim.

In January the flagship specialty store moved its location from Vika to Aker Brygge. The special stores arrange major launches of new products on six occasions annually, to supplement a special selection of approximately products at category A level that is not available in the ordinary product list, of wines, fortified wines or beers, described to online dating industry growth rate "either innovative, of limited availability or dating for dummies tips certification answers pet an exceptionally high quality".

Each launch carries a theme, and while there may be changes from year to year, regular fixtures are the launch of wines from Bordeaux in December, wines from Burgundy in February, wines from Germany in April, Champagne and Chablis in May, and beer and U. As no vredit card neded free dating site in turkey all wine purchases in the normal outlets, Vinmonopolet guarantees the provenance of these uncommon wines, and the customer retains the regular right to return faulty wine for the money dating sites similar to badoo messages 1 kniga within five years of purchase.

Vinmonopolet is not established on Svalbard. Instead dating violence traduzione inglese latino vs hispanic politically correct government can license private alcohol shops, [17] online dating sites price comparison which there is only one, "Nordpolet" in Longyearbyen.

In addition mining companies can sell alcohol to employees. There are monthly sales quotas on Svalbard. In DecemberVinmonopolet announced plans to implement a system of arranging auctions of second-hand wine, similar to the model in use by Swedish Systembolaget.

In a survey by Norsk Kundebarometercustomers of the monopoly were Surveys from the mid 90s, indicated a majority of the Norwegian population were in support of dissolving the monopoly arrangement, and allowing for the sale of wine by the private sector. Economists have praised Vinmonopolet for being a well-working monopoly that offers good customer service.

Robert Lie, then sommelier of Bagatellehas stated, "I am among the supporters. In recent years Vinmonopolet has had great impact on the wine interest of the average Norwegian. To my knowledge there are no wine stores in the world with an equal selection. There are also fairly good prices for more expensive wines.

For highly coveted wines one must pay much more in London. I bless it! I don't dare imagine some zitty, unmotivated year-old 'red wine supervisor' at Rimi! Arne Ronold MW has pointed to the formats of UK and Denmark as successful alternatives that offer good selections in supermarkets and specialty stores, while stating that the present situation offers a wide selection for consumers in certain areas but with considerably more limited options for some other areas, and while more costly wines may be less expensive in the Vinmonopolet format, this is a "positive side-effect of a market that doesn't work, being of little benefit to the average consumer".

He acknowledges "a near-revolution in that at present there are more than 10, products available, which is wonderful", adding, "I have been among the most ardent critics but have mildened somewhat. I am adequately satisfied with Vinmonopolet as it is now. But they still have some way to go concerning aged wine and the second hand market. In this, access is poor.

By the category had risen past 2, labels, leading co-founder Ola Dybvik to declare, "we are living in paradise", continuing in context that the Norwegian population is comparative to a New York suburb, "in terms of selection, the store has moved into the definitive world elite".

Marthinsen called upon the leadership to "set free the store buyers, reinstate the competitive element between the stores, in other words leave behind the chain store mentality and allow local creativity to flourish". The institution has not stayed clear of problems. In Vinmonopolet offered more than 12, products, next to figures from comparative retailers such as Systembolaget which offered ca. In what is known as Dysthesaken the Dysthe case in exposed flaws in the goods acquisition procedures of Vinmonopolet, and as a consequence changes were made to the procedures.

The leadership were sentenced for combining company and personal interests, and the influence and power of individuals in purchasing decisions were reduced after the process.

Ekjordsakenthe Ekjord case uncovered inbrought new allegations of corruption against employees and leadership of Vinmonopolet. Membership in this exclusive group was symbolized by the gift of a tastevin. The scandal escalated as the media discovered the particulars of the lawsuit, with Lindin as the chief source of allegations that would result in wide consequences. Having long planned to publish a magazine aimed at consumers as was already done by Systembolaget in Sweden, in Vinmonopolet launched Vinbladet "The Wine Magazine" or "The Vine Leaf"distributed to customers free of charge.

A professional editor was engaged, and the publication printed on glossy paper contained images of a commercial nature depicting the diverse nations' wine regions and wine production, and articles on various subjects connected to food, wine and spirits.

The Norwegian temperance movement reacted negatively and responded with press declarations accusing Vinmonopolet of attempting to popularise alcohol use, rather than limit it.

The criticism from the temperance movement also maintained that the alcohol in wine did not distinguish itself from the alcohol in hard spirits, that "fine dining" customs functioned as a gateway to alcohol problemsand that the cultural projects of Vinmonopolet could well lead to family tragedies, destroyed lives, fear and death.

The initial blends consisting of Bordeaux wines from the and vintages, along with simple German and Italian wine, were sold from 1 January for NOK total of 4. Purchasing director Haakon Svensson was given a set budget and assigned to negotiate deals with wine producers, initially securing deals with winemakers from Le MidiValencia and Algeria, with an aim to produce a blended wine that could decrease the Norwegian people's vast consumption of liquorat the time ten to one the ratio of the consumption of wine.

In there was sold 3. Near the end of its production, the company produced between 20, and 25, bottles annually. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For the battery manufacture, see Golden Power Group. Tano Aschehoug. Solgte vin for 6 mill. Vinforum in Norwegian. Kai G. Companies wholly owned by the Government of Norway. List of Norwegian government enterprises. Categories : Alcohol monopolies Alcohol in Norway Drink companies of Norway Government-owned companies of Norway establishments in Norway Retail companies established in Government agencies established in Namespaces Article Talk.

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Aperitif wines are the most ambidextrous drinks in the bar. Ten years ago, few people devoted much attention to aperitif wines—but bartenders, sommeliers and pretty much everyone interested in good drinks has changed their tune when it comes to vermouth, quinquinas and other styles of aperitif wines. Long a mystery to most American drinkers, these wines have seen a dramatic boom in recent years, as bartenders became more familiar with the roles these wines play in cocktails, and producers and importers have brought in ever-more-engaging bottles. Today, while such wines have become cast regulars in the cocktail glass, some are increasingly willing to let aperitifs be the stars of the show. But introducing the aperitif experience into the U. Bartenders often feel more within their comfort zones when shaking Daiquiris or stirring dark and bitter cocktails—and customers accustomed to bang for the buck may take convincing to switch to the lighter side. But by bridging the line between wine and spirits, aperitifs still deliver on the flavor and complexity front, and on a level made for repeat enjoyment. Hopefully this will become a way of drinking that we start to appreciate more—the aperitif hour. As the name implies, aperitifs are traditionally administered to spark the appetite, their combination of acidity, bitterness and botanical magic signaling the palate and the stomach that a meal is about to begin. norske dating aperitif wine list As the name dictates to anyone familiar with the Scandinavian languages, this place puts its main emphasis on its selections of good wine and beer. Mainly serving as an independent place for the sale of vinyl records and music, Apollon has, since , also served the people of Bergen their extensive selection of beers. Sure to please even the pickiest beer-enthusiast, Apollon Platebar combines two interests in a seamless and natural manner. Klubb KOK is one of the places attempting to satisfy this demand, with a hip venue hosting several club nights, concerts and DJs throughout the week. For anyone looking for a venue that extends its hours and drinks into the night, Klubb KOK is the perfect destination.